Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 2

** This week I was still working on the camera fiasco so these were also taken with my ghetto phone camera... ***

Week 2: How I am feeling

8/365: Peaceful, Prayerful, Anxious.

9/365: Happy, Love, Silly.

10/365: Excited (new kids I nanny), Blessed to have a job, Tender.

11/365: Stressed, Tired, a little Disgusted.

12/365: Ill, Achey, Sleepy

13/365: Accomplished, Grateful, Tired.

14/365: Ecstatic, Relieved, Poor.

** Good News!!!**
I got a new camera today!!! Yay!!!

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  1. K girl I'm lovin this!!! It makes me miss doing my Project 365 SOOOOOO bad! :( I'll just live vicariously through you until I decide to do something like it again. And you better believe that I'll be followin your journey this year! HAVE FUN!!!