Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 11

71/365: Happy St. Patty's! :)
Getting in touch with my Irish Roots.

70/365: Visiting friends.

69/365: Love this Girl.

68/365: A much needed trip to the Temple.

67/365: Treating myself to a little Happy Feet.

66/365: The big 2-1

65/365: Cruising.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 10

Week 10: The Cleanse.

64/365: Breaking my cleanse with some good ol' fashioned cashews.

63/365: The moment of truth...
{I did end up losing 8 pounds total}
62/365: I finally figured out something yummy to eat. :)

61/365: Lots of Green Smoothie!! Yummy ones though... lots of different combinations.

60/365: Lots of water!!!

59/365: The treat my boss gave me... and i couldn't even eat it.

58/365: Cheers to a long week of only Fruits and Veggies
Off to a rough start with a warm, mossy, green smoothie...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 9

Week 9: Description of Picture

57/365: Yesterday, we went to the Oakland Zoo and this Kangaroo cut out scared me half to death on the train ride.

56/365: Girls Night with Jess.. Something I've needed for a long time. :)

55/365: Next time you think you have big, bad hair... take a look at this...

54/365: A well-earned treat after a LONG night tending...

53/365: My sick Train Track building skills put to test at work.

52/365: Back to work after a week. I missed my kiddos.

51/365: My Mary Kay consultant was in town.. :)